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Preoperative cardiovascular evaluation

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Internal Medicine in Chacao

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About us

Medicina Laboral de Venezuela C.A. and MedicoEnTuCasa 2021 C.A. are the companies responsible for managing internal medicine services in Chacao through their physical and human resources infrastructure, including a laboratory

Internal Medicine - Clinical Laboratory - Electrocardiogram - Spirometry - Preoperative Cardiovascular Evaluation

We have our own clinical laboratory in our facilities. We send the results by email and are reviewed directly by your internist. In case of any emergency in the treatment according to the laboratory results, the patient is contacted via WhatsApp. We also do spirometry, electrocardiograms and preoperative cardiovascular evaluation.


We have the following services:

1. Internal medicine consultation in Chacao

2. Own laboratory service

3. Spirometry

4. Home health care with planned appointments for patients with difficulties in their mobilization through the company MedicoEnTuCasa

5. Later support via WhatsApp on basic patient problems

6. Arrhythmia Holter

7. Preoperative cardiovascular evaluation

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Contact WhatsApp +58.414.325.74.84

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Meet our staff

Doctor and nurse

Lcda. Elys Cañas

Nurse, Cruz Roja Venezolana, UNERG

Dr. Roberto Nuñez

Internist Graduated from UCV class 2005 Internal Medicine specialist: Cruz Roja Venezolana 2009

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